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Just past Km 0 is the Tudor-style Vancouver Rowing Club.  Single skulls and eights skim Coal Harbour's sheltered waters where coal was discovered in the 1800s.  Across the harbour, the city skyline is highlighted by the big white canvas sails of Canada Place.  Almost opposite the Rowing Club stands a statue of Lord Stanley, a former Governor-General of Canada, who in 1889 dedicated the park "to the use and enjoyment of people of all colours, creeds and customs for all time".

A little further along stands a statue of Scottish poet Robert Burns and another of Harry Jerome, once the world's fastest runner.  The Nine O'Clock Gun, which once called herring fishermen home, still booms across the harbour every evening.

Abright red and white striped lighthouse marks Brockton Point, where fishermen cast their lines.  Across Burrard Inlet brilliant yellow piles of sulphur await export.  Behind lies Brockton Oval, a cinder jogging track encircling a summer cricket pitch which in winter is used by rugby players.  A little further along, the bronze sculpture of a Girl in a Wetsuit sits in the water near the shore, backdropped by the elegant sweeps of the Lions Gate Bridge.  Although many residents initially found the frivolous, she is now widely accepted and admired.

At Lumberman's Arch, about Km 3, grassy slopes overlook a water park for children.  This was once a site of a Squamish native village and tons of seashells from the midden were used to surface the first road in the park in 1888.  It is a short cycle off the seawall to the aquarium and zoo.  Fishermen wait hopefully beside the huge pillars that support the Lions Gate Bridge, which stands 80m above the water and spans 170m.

Prospect Point, perched on a cliff, is the highest point in the park, where a cairn commemorates the SS Beaver, the pioneer steamship of the Pacific which sank near by in 1888.

on Siwash Rock juts defiantly skyward from the sea.  Often a grey gull clings to the small tree on top of a tuft of green on the 15m high column of grey rock.  The rock is the subject of an Indian legend.  Millennia ago a handsome young chief plunged into the waters to cleanse himself to ensure a spotless life for their newborn son, a canoe containing four giants demanded that the chief go ashore.  He refused, and they were so impressed by his devotion to the child, that they transformed him into Siwash Rock, to stand forever as a monument to Clean Fatherhood.  The legend was a princess Pauline Johnson, who is buried in a leafy glade near by.  A stone monument marks her grave.

Second Beach has a popular children's playground and a sandy beach, ideal for sunbathing and watching the sun set.  On summer evenings, dancers take over the paved patio near by.  The cycle trail crosses the main road through the park, and passes a Japanese-style bridge crossing a willow-banked stream.  In the surrounding meadow, Canada geese graze for grain.  Beyond are a pitch-and-putt golf course, lawn bowling, tennis courts and a fine Mediterranean-style restaurant.  The trail continues over a humped bridge and follow the southern shore along Lost Lagoon to the start of the tour.

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