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New York Tribeca, Fashion and Beauty

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As a New York hookup, if you’re only going to buy one pair of leather trousers in your life, make sure they’re from Behrle. And for fetish inspired pieces that will turn anybody into a sex goddess, try the owners label world domination. Shack inc, as much an art
gallery as a shop, features ethereal, romantic clothes, all handmade in hand dyed in situ plus home furnishings and handbags. Linda St. John, the designer behind DL Cerney, freely admits to being obsessed with the 40s, 50s and early 60s, which is reflected in her new vintage clothes tailored shirts simple skirts trousers for men and women and all at reasonable prices. Working class has elevated workwear to a new level of elegance, seen in their vintage jeans with leather pockets, handmade clogs and work boots, and schoolboy satchels all in bright shades. But for more of a hip feminine love to Sorelle Firenze, run by two Italian sisters, is a fine line in flirty skirts and tops, lacy dresses and delicate accessories eating and drinking dark streets, loading docks, lots and lots of groovy restaurants to find Tribeca.
Mr. cool himself, DeNiro, is part owner of Nobu and next-door Nobu, both beautifully designed, inundated Japanese restaurants that regularly attract celebs. And next-door distinguishes itself by offering a range of noodle dishes and in no reservations policy, make a restauranteur Drew Nieporent, DeNiro’s partner, started out in Tribeca with the three-star montrachet, a minimalist bistro serving ravishing nouvelle French cuisine. Then came Tribeca Grill, a warehouse sized restaurant with cross-cultural American food and an award-winning wine list.

Layla is also part of the empire, an opulent Middle Eastern Palace with belly dancers, featuring mezze, tajines, kebabs, and couscous fit for assault and period. There’s more razzle-dazzle at Danube, David Bouleys luxurious downtown tribute to Vienna,
offering refined middle European fate in a sumptuous setting at seriously uptown  prices. Some say it is rather overpriced. But the Odeon continues to be the preferred upscale canteen for the fashion and art scene. Even if you can’t get a table, it’s fun to observe the action from the bar, or try Bar Odeon, its annex across the street, which has its own fair share of celebrity sightings. For a spot
of sangria and paella, flor de sol, reminiscent of the Spanish Parador, it’s an appealing option: it’s bar serves tapas to. The independent is another local hangout in warm, rustic surroundings. The menu is inspired and moderately priced.
Alternatively, give thanks at Grace, for another helping of innovative American food and interesting buttons. The kitchen is open till 4 a.m., and there is a great bar scene to. Spartina has all the ingredients for success superb Mediterranean cuisine in a romantic setting, though perhaps one of the most unusual dining choices and Rebecca is the retro style Screening room, which provides the perfect one-stop venue for that movie followed by dinner date. The movies are independents and the food is new American.

It is not without good reason that Chanterelle is one of New York’s, top-rated restaurant creative French cooking in a friendly environment. Another gem is bouley bakery. Which serves exquisite seasonal new French cuisine, while its bakery holds a myriad delights. Old card French food is served in the loft like space of Capsouto freres. Big names go there, not only for the elegant food, but
also because they’re left alone. Even more secluded is Rosemarie’s, a posh Italian, specializing in robust flavor dishes, well Pepolino is much more homey, and even the most basic of pastors won’t fail to please cafés and diners for cheap child try kitchenette, a sweet American roadside stop with hearty country cooking open till 10 p.m. Bubby’s is another neighborhood favorite for unpretentious
food like roast chicken, and pancakes: it’s weakened brunches are terrific. And walkers is a friendly watering hole, serving burgers with beer on tap. Settle in and enjoy the live jazz bars and clubs this area’s bars have all the glamour of neighboring so close, but mostly without the suffocating crowds. Weekends, however, tend to be packed at the ice bar one of the hottest tickets in town, with its all-white interior, sexy crowd and wizard DJs.
Dylan prime is another recent arrival, where a sophisticated set come to save her
elegantly mixed cocktails. Meaty dining options are also available. Adding a touch
of luxe to Tribeca’s financial district is lush, a quietly swank champagne bar,
where you can also indulge in caviar. If you’d rather pop your cork in a crowd,
tried bubble lounge, located in considerably more fashionable area. For a more
casual public atmosphere, SJ South and sons serves classic British Irish fare like
beef stew and pints of Guinness. Liquor store, another friendly local, features
wall-to-wall windows pervert for people watching or just settling in with a pint and
the paper. For more rough-and-tumble experience trie the Nancy whiskey pub, an
authentic dive that has steadfastly resisted gentrification. A youngster scene can
be found at the knitting factory is tap bar, where 18 beers are offered on tap.
Free, live music ranges from funk to bizarre, experimental acts 11 p.m. to 2 a.m.
nightly. Meanwhile DJs spin hip-hop, funk and soul at actor Michael Rappaport’s
dark and atmospheric bar and club, Tribeca blues. With its large, promoter driven
parties, the club has a secure future.
Soho, so chic
New York’s most conspicuously fashionable neighborhood is compact to a fault, every
big-name designer has a story somewhere in this tiny pocket of intersecting streets.
Such a cluster of important shopping venues alongside swanky commercial art
galleries, elegant restaurants and exclusive bars can only act as a magnet for
fashion and media types. Even if you don’t run into Gwyneth Paltrow in miu miu,
catching sight of some impossibly thin beauty dashing to shoot at one of the
neighborhoods many photo studios is an everyday occurrence. Despite so many
manifest distractions, so most magnificent architecture is hard to ignore. The
monumental 19th-century buildings are some of the finest and most varied examples of
cast-iron architecture in the US. The days of Soho was the epicenter of New York’s
artistic life have gone, and while there are still plenty of highbrow art galleries
and longtime resident artists, blessed with favorable rents, the cutting-edge art
scene has shifted to Chelsea, causing many to observe that Soho’s reign as the
coolest neighborhood in New York City could well be over.
Shopping, women’s fashion
Betsey Johnson, one of the first designers in Soho when it was no where is Bill,
makes crazy” my aunt has a dramatic flagship store to match. An eccentric American
girl, Betsys aesthetic is feminine and frilly, with the rock-and-roll edge. Another
designer who consistently whips up the prettiest party dresses and excess trees is
Cynthia Rowley. In her homey shop, the racks are filled with rich fabrics and
plenty of beads and embroidery. Another local lady, Nicole Miller has made a name
for herself designing wearable evening dresses in cheek separates. Vivienne Tam’s
sleek, exotic close formfitting, beaded dresses; saucy suits; handbags and
loungewear with an oriental flair have become a staple of fashionable gals,
including Julia Roberts. Another store with an Asian flavor, Dosa, has grown into a
cult favorite with its girls. Using classic shapes, it’s the special fabrics and
interesting details that give these elegant pieces their appeal. For designer
atsuro tayama, however, it’s all in the cut: check out his boldly asymmetric,
deconstructed garments, but only if you’re feeling confident. Always the Queen of
hippie inspired Glamour Anna suis purple Pass is a haven for the young and fabulous.
Her letters are divine, and her accessories based on vintage designs adorable.
Emerging as America’s biggest fashion star is Marc Jacobs, whose airy, minimalist
shop is an important stop, even if you can only afford to look. Everything here is
the height of sophistication and luxury. Along the block is Toca, with its range of
very girly, but eminently wearable designs as well as a pretty range of bad light
linens. Fashion addicts from all over flock to get their fix of miu miu. This more
useful and less expensive line from Miuccia Prada is always on the cutting edge of
fashion, especially the undeniably fabulous and inventive shoes and bags. While the
close vary wildly from season to season, the mood is always seductive in a Lolita
sort of way. ethrreal and romantic is the theme at Morgane le fay, where dresses
resemble origami creations conjure up that urban Gypsy look. Meanwhile at Vivienne
Westwood, every customer is a star when they step out of the dressing room onto a
stage in one of her theatrical creations. More genius close almost upstaged by the
architecture are to be found at philosophy di Alberta ferretti. Scoop is an
important destination if you’re looking for well selected separates by young names.
Well Kirna Zabete calls itself Shangri-La for swinging style and boasts a collection
of hard-to-find clothing, footwear, and accessory designers from around the world.
In addition to the pieces by Joseph thiminister, Lulu Guinness, Balenciaga ET AL
code this two-story honeypot also sells beauty products and flowers, and there’s
even a couple of iMacs to play on for the all shopped out. Another fashion pioneer
is Louie, who also showcases the talents of a small group of burgeoning style stars,
with the unique collection of accessories. In a similar vein, big drop houses a
colorful collection of clothing, including lots of little sweaters and items by New
York industry or Earl Jean. Best described as a grown-up urban outfitters,
anthropologie is the kind of place where labels are less important than the lock.
Think colorful cowgirl sheet, Latin flounces and ruffles, and lots of lovely
housewares and furnishings. Trufaux, two has a very definitive style: everything is
made of faux materials. All very PC, but fun! Catherine, is all about creating a
lifestyle rather than just getting dressed sharp, young girl clothes, lots of the
designer’s signature fedoras, and home furnishings, all the shop looks more like an
apartment in a store.
Men’s and women’s fashion
creating what sure he is, brightly hued, modern close for both sexes, with bold,
graphic shapes is what Alpana Bawa, born in New Delhi, does best. Men love her
filmy, in brighter church in muted hues, if expensive oblong card is what you crave,
if soho New York has inspired collection from the fashion stars of today and
tomorrow. Check out the Johnny farah begs, surprisingly affordable. Artsy but
tailored shapes, unexpected fabrics, and fascinating details are responsible for
costume nationals icon status. They also make distinctive, comfortable shoes. If
you want a mix of styles under one roof, Steven Allen has the best of New York
City’s up-and-coming designers as well ask accessories and watches. Just around the
corner is Steven Allen menswear, filled with sharp looks for men. At Helmut Lang,
the futuristic communications obelisk is as entrancing as the Geo Metro clothes,
well everything in yohji Yamamotos amazing gallery like store is almost too
beautiful to wear. How to look fabulous when you’re actually doing something more
than posing? Prada sport has filled the obvious gap in the market with its
utilitarian designs, well Polo sport goes for an equally casual but more preppy
look. For men only Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche boutique provides bearing
clothing. In that proverbial Saint Laurent kind of way. Edgy, trendy, and
occasionally kitschy clothes and accessories from around the world are to be found
at Hotel Venus. This is still the only place in town to get the hugely desirable
Courreges collection. And there is even an in-store wig salon. If you’re looking
for super cheap close more on the casual side, there’s plenty to choose from, all
along Broadway, where discount sportswear stores dominate, including good sneaker
outlets. In their mix is Canal Jean Co., a kind of New York institution filled with
almost every kind of vintage and new jeans, and cheap T-shirts. A branch of the
Spanish change Zara international is also worth investigating for reasonably priced
and stylish separates and shoes. Stussy is still the epicenter for upscale skate
wear, meant for men but worn by everybody. Definitely for men only is Sean, a
welcome addition to the men’s clothing scene, with a mix of well priced separates,
by various designers, they are smart without ever being stuffy.
Eating and drinking, restaurants.
Expensive SoHo rents mean many restaurants in the historic district are overpriced,
catering to tourists, celebrities and brash Wall Streeters with million-dollar
bonuses to blow. The place to check out what the rich and famous are eating is the
Mercer kitchen, where celebrity chef Jean georges Vongerichten excels at is unique.
American provincial cooking. The brick wall with, subterranean space in the Mercer
Hotel is the height of Glamour. The scene stealer canteen is just across the
street, featuring colorful Decorah, 60 style and a very cool crowd. The food ain’t
bad either from the rather nostalgic macaroni cheese to the thoroughly modern
pumpkin crusted red snapper, though it is rather overpriced. Catty sparks at
quiltys is a much honored chef, creating highly innovative seafood, poultry and meat
dishes for a sophisticated clientele. The creamy dining room is more homey than
intimidating. In contrast, the rather more austere Honmura an has been esteemed for
years as one of the city’s top Asian restaurants. It’s hard to imagine more artful
noodle concoctions, and equally hard to imagine paying higher prices. Places that
are big on atmosphere rather than bucks include penang, a Malaysian outpost that
combines an industrial design with hot like booths and a waterfall. The exotic
dishes are flavorful feast on roti canai and seafood. Colored lights welcome you
into the tiny interior of the country Café, which is filled to the brim with
charming knickknacks. The French and Moroccan food is richly prepared and served by
an affable staff. Alison on Dominick Street is pure romance, a small, out-of-the-way
place with straightforward French and new American food. You go there to kiss and
share bites not be blown away by innovative cuisine. More passion is almost sure to
follow after a night at Casa la femme, a candlelit Middle Eastern casbah, with
tinted booths and an incredible belly dancer. The food is good but not point
especially for all the skinny models who slink in. Meigas boasts a handsome,
sophisticated, lofty space where chef Luis Angel Bollo plate of threat with seems
destined for the same celebrity status enjoyed by David bouley for the creative take
on traditional cuisine, expect refine grilled fish and meat dishes plus options like
roast suckling pig with honey and sherry vinegar sauce. To savor what SoHo used to
be like, pushed through the etched glass doors of fanelli, a dark to what corner
tavern that opened in 1847. The crowd is interesting, dressed down and boisterous,
and it’s a safe bet for a burgers, Chile, and chicken pot pie. Further west, the
intimate blue ribbon is popular for its wide-ranging menu in cocktails, and
dispenses both until 4 a.m., while Lucky strike is a rollicking bistro that also
serves competent food into the wee hours. It’s the ideal place to nibble and drink
your way closer to solving the world’s problems or at least your vacation agenda;
it’s also one of Manhattan’s smoker havens. Meeting friends for dinner, are looking
for new ones? Consider Auqagrill, where singles gather in the brightly decorated
front lounge, or at the bar while waiting for a table at this perpetually jammed
seafood restaurant. The piscatorially inclined can also try ideya which features a
culinary tour of the Caribbean, Central and South America, and a range of potent
tropical drinks. Homemade plant paint chips and fresh salsa adorn every table at
this warm casual Latin American bistro. Seeking is tight at both John Claude and
soho steak, rendering conversation with your neighbor effortlessness. The simply
design pair are owned by respected restauranteur John Claude lacovelli, who prides
himself on serving quality bistro fare at affordable prices.
Cafés and diners
if you’d rather splurge on lavish niceties and costly meals, several affordable
possibilities await. The cheap bisas del caribe is a ramshackle Cuban lunchoenette,
which attracts a mixed bag of ragamuffins and Kool SoHo-ites. Basic breakfast, rice
and beans, and sandwiches provide quick fixes. Every day the soup kiosk ladles out
16 he seasonal stoops to slurp on the move. Once upon a tart is more upscale,
offering terrific baked goods, crusty sandwiches, salads and relaxed café
atmosphere. Take a table, spread your newspaper and ease those tired feet. Pepe
Russo is also fantastic for scrumptious focaccia and low-price pastas. Seating is
cramped, so it’s prime for takeout. Or there is Kelly and ping, and Asian grocery
and noodle shop, and a trendy, modestly priced just bought best for the buzz at
lunchtime. The bustling open kitchen, healthy stir fries in vasty selection are the
appeal. Off the beaten track, but worth seeking out herban kitchen, a dimly lit,
engaging café, serving uncommonly tasty organic specialties. Moon dance diner is
friendly shack, heavy on bygone charm. Satisfy your appetite with hearty soups, big
sandwiches and piles of fries. Solos idea of modern dinner, however, is Jerry’s,
frequented by rakish arty types and locals. And any time of day or night the
American Mediterranean fare is appealing, but pricier than any old-school diner.
Bars and clubs
Sohos once cozy neighborhood bar scene as alas, in recent years, fallen prey to
velvet ropes and guest lists. As one of the first white bars to move in bar 89.
Set the standard: its high ceilings bottomless cosmopolitans, and coed bathrooms
with see-through doors, That turn opaque at the flip of a latch, have yet to be
rivaled. Less grand in scale, but equally intimidating is 357, a lounge bar which
has both the rope and the list, and all the right ingredients to perk you up after a
hard day, including food. Speaking of tough, the door policy at super trendy veruka
may be the area’s directives, the women dressed in Gucci and prada farewell, and
models are a shoe in. Arrive early at sway, a hot Moroccan lounge frequented by
mystic musicians and Manichaeans. Thursday nights are best, but avoid weekends,
when the crowd pressing the door is impenetrable. If you can’t abandon your posse,
head to nearby denial, a dark sensual bar where your social pedigree is, thankfully,
it irrelevant. For a taste of SoHo is edgier side, pay a visit to avoid a
semi-secluded cyber bar that features tables cum Web browsers, cult film screenings
in cocktails. Another good option for the attitude weary is Café noir, a sexy,
smoker friendly, Moroccan themed bar restaurant. Raouls is one of SoHo is remaining
old guard bar restaurants. Reserved for the dining room, but nothing beats their
bar steak special enjoyed with a glass of Cabernet. Jimmy the barman is one of the
best in the business. And if all you want is a swift drink before bed, you can
hardly do better than the elegant and relaxing grand bar in the Soho grand Hotel.
The upper Eastside
the upper speech side is a stomping ground of New York’s financial aristocracy, and
every inch of the privileged enclave, from the designer stores of Madison Avenue to
the magnificent museums along the edge of Central Park, screens big money. Fifth
Avenue is punctuated by 19th-century mansion houses built by some of America’s
legendary millionaires, and now home to the city’s premier museums. The magnificent
town houses apartments and exclusive clubs of New York’s averagely rich whiny
adjacent street of fifth, Madison and Park Avenue. Madison Avenue is, of course,
New York’s most important shopping address, with its flagship stores in commercial
art galleries. East of Lexington Avenue, the prevailing atmosphere becomes more
neighborly and family-oriented, but it’s still far from edgy
if you’re off to shop on the upper East side, chances are you’re heading for Madison
Avenue. Every inch of the strip is devoted to selling luxuries: expect to pay high
prices, encounter snooty staff, and rub shoulders with the fake tan and for code
purveyed. There are a couple of top department stores in the area: Bloomingdale’s
is a revered New York institution, and much more old-school than Barney, every
upwardly mobile New Yorkers style barometer. It’s fantastically talented buyers
consistently discover the most exciting, unique and interesting designs. Nearby
Shanghai Tang is an altogether wackier affair. The richly decorated spaces filled
with owner Alan Tang’s modern take on the traditional Chinese aesthetic: Coolie
jackets in acid colors and beautifully tailored Cheongasms. The fashion heavyweights
are all shoulder to shoulder on Madison Avenue, and the fashion hungry flock here
for the latest creations. American uber designer Calvin Klein’s five store flagship
is filled with the entire range of kliens signature understatements, from evening
wear to underwear. Opposite is the city’s first DKNY store, stalk with donnas rather
glamorous take on streetwear. A few blocks north to find Giorgio Armani’s more
reserved flagship, Emporio Armani, showcasing every aspect of the designer’s work,
including his cheaper diffusion lines, all against a minimalist black backdrop. In
contrast, the verse all she store is out and out exuberant. Although the late
designer’s flagship is located in Midtown, the smaller store is just a little ass
intimidating and replete with Donatella’s wild designs. Whimsical and pricey
fashion is the order of the day at Moschino, although there is a cheaper line for
those who can afford the four figure price tags. Vying with Moschino for the most
irreverent designer is Britt star Alexander Mcqueen, who reigns at givenchy. His
genius couture is a marvel of tailoring and innovation. Chloe has recently opened
its first American store on Madison to house the feminine womenswear by another
British star. Stella McCartney. The list of big names continues with Valentino.
His elegant emporium is beloved of the neighborhoods for code brigade. And few
stores can rival the magnificent polo Ralph Lauren flagship. Housed in a former
mansion, and decked out to resemble an English stately home, it’s filled with the
designers collection of classically influenced clothing. Across the street is the
Polo sport store, which carries Lauren sportier creations. Italians dolce and
gabbana have two enormous stores on Madison, one to house their less expensive d&g
line. Fabulous sweaters and leather goods from Italy can also be found at etro, or
pop into Emillio Pucci, for clothing, swimwear, undies, and home accessories
featuring retro style psychedelic swirls. Prada is also in the nabe it’s biggest
out let stalks a large range of menswear, while diesels trendy superstore has genes
and stylish sporty clothes that don’t cost a bundle. Yet another Latin born
designer Roberto Cavalli, has recently made inroads on Madison Avenue. This is his
only boutique in North America, providing a home for his outre, multimedia designs
for men and women. British favorite Joseph has two stores on Madison, one for his
perfect fit pants and the other for his luscious knitwear. The British invasion
continues at Nicole farhi, who has opened a store for her elegant, easy to wear
clothing that also accommodates a stylish, in-store restaurant, Nicole’s. Searle is
an exclusive upper Eastside and fair, which is no fewer than four stores on Madison.
They specialize in clean lined coats, sportswear and comfortable knitwear.
Cashmere is the raison d etre at tse, where brilliant designer Hussein chalayan
spins the soft stuff into coats and sweaters. Missoni also excels in unusual and
sensuous knits in gemlike colors.
One offs
although most of the neighborhood street level real estate is given over to designer
stores, there are still a few unique in unusual places to be discovered. Chrome
hearts, is a mecca for leather fans, is hidden away in an unmarked brownstone. The
look, here is biker chic meets rock star. All the more sedate affair is to be found
at nocturne, which, as the name might suggest, specializes in sleepwear. It’s also
one of the only places in town to stock up on cult favorite Lily Pulitzer flowered
frocks and separates. Hard to believe, but one of the biggest thrift stores, out of
the closet, is in the upper Eastside. The merchandise is pristine and varied, and
thanks to wealthy neighborhood types who regularly donate their unwanted treasures,
bargains are likely. There are plenty of Chi Chi home furnishings stores on the
upper East side, but the enormous gracious home, which takes up nearly 2 blocks,
can’t be beat in terms of price, range or service. Get a key cut, spend hundreds of
dollars on Lenin’s, or shop for state-of-the-art kitchen equipment: this place
covers all the bases.
Eating and drinking
epicenter of the social register, upper East side is filled with chic, chubby
restaurants, which, not surprisingly, are run by some of the most celebrated chefs
in New York. The affable, well-known Daniel boulud is at the stove at Daniel, a
supremely grand Renaissance style restaurant with a seasonal French cuisine. This
smaller and more informal, Café boulud serves global cuisine alongside traditional
and seasonal elect classics. The room is comfortable and inviting, and the
clientele cultured and service impeccable. As if boulud doesn’t have enough on his
plate, he also co-owns the dreamy payard patisserie and bistro. Rapturous deserts
and savory items are featured in the patisserie; at the back is a deluxe French
bistro on two floors. Another titan of the food world, jean georges vongerichten, is
behind Jo Jo, a jewel box of a townhouse restaurant. The crowd is refined, the
staff unfailingly pleasant, with inventive French French cooking the specialty. The
$28 prix fix lunch is a bargain. The lenux room is another genteel option, with a
great raw bar and exceptional new American food. The polished dining room attracts
affluent, mature types until 9 p.m., when a younger crowd arrives for drinks and
elevated snacks. Deluxe French seafood is the order of the day at cello, one of the
toughest and most expensive tickets in the upper East side. A more homey
neighborhood Pat Place is Miss Saigon, serving tasty, delicately prepared Vietnamese
dishes at pocket friendly prices. The whimsical architecture of folks a village
hut, its walls adorned with Asian artifacts. For old-fashioned Sicilian food in a
charming bygone atmosphere, carino will warm your heart, especially knowing that
octogenarian mamma Carino is in the kitchen.
Cafés and diners
the welcome mat is always out at comfort diner classic American favorites at
affordable prices in an atmosphere to match, complete with a gleaming soda fountain.
For a real old-fashioned soda fountain, the Lexington candy shop is the business;
grab one of their amazing flavored seltzer is. You’ll feel like you’re in that
episode of friends at downtown uptown, a mellow coffeehouse. They have beer and
wine to with comfy chairs for reading. Bolton to the uptown branch of Jackson hole
for an energy enhancing hamburger or one of their blue plate specials. But for the
best hot dog/shake combo around, try Papaya King: the hot dogs are delicious and the
shakes freshly made. Unsurprisingly Papaya is the specialty here. For good quality
fair and fast service, the ultraclean first wok scores pretty high. The Chinese
dishes are ample, but the real incentive is there free unlimited house wine.

this simply is in the neighborhood to visit for a wild night out on the town, go for
a taste of New York’s toniest bars, look no further. Of all the upper East side
institutions lanes may be the most famous. Frequented by litterati, glitterati, and
anyone who aspires to socializing with the, it can be intimidating. Act like you
belong and you’ll do just fine. Understated designer clothing and a generous credit
line are all also boots at harry Cipriani, the New York relative of Harry’s bar in
Venice, and home of the famous, believe me, made of prosecco peach puree. Cabaret
cleans won’t want to miss Café Carlyle, where Earth a kitt and other legends perform
regularly. Just down the hall, another Carlyle Hotel classic, bemelmans bar offers
all the swank of Café Carlyle without the speed tab. Hotel guests tend to prefer
Bemelmans, were piano players perform nightly. Torch song trilogy star Michael
Feinstein, recently opened a self-titled Feinstein at the Regency, I Cabaret bar
serving up an electric range of performers and fine cocktails. If you can’t muster
the energy to put on a tie, head to subway in, easily one of the upper Eastside’s
most beloved theme bars. The booze is cheap and everybody is welcome.
Upper West side
characterized by its spacious avenues, landmark apartment buildings and proximity to
Central Park, the upper West side has the feel of a genuine, residential
neighborhood, albeit a very rarefied one. Celebrity sightings are plentiful and if
you’re lucky, you might even run into upper West sider’s like Woody Allen at zabars
deli or Jerry Seinfeld at the Reebok gym. More likely he’ll just stumble over the
baby strollers of the many well-to-do families who live here. Without the
distraction of happening nightspots are cutting-edge stores, residents take pride in
two of the city’s most important cultural institution. The Lincoln Center and the
American Museum of Natural History plus a healthy sprinkling of dining options.
fashion, beauty and accessories
the upper West side has always been something of a shopping waistline, so unless
your preference is limited to the preppy staples offered by the gap and Banana
Republic, you’re probably look elsewhere. There are some boutiques worth making a
detour for, however olive and bettes continues to bring downtown style uptown. This
entirely girlish boutique carries hot young designers like Darryl K. and Vivienne
Tam, as well as fun T-shirts, cute bags and witty jewelry. Another neighborhood
duo, Allen and Suzi , fill their racks with the riot of fairly warned and vintage
couture, Versace and gaultier are the designers of preference, and although you can
find jeans, though probably be studded with rhinestones. With a less ostentatious
vibe, only hearts, showcases the stores online of dreamy cotton Lycra lingerie.
The rest of the story is replete with great PJs, pressing gowns and gift items, most
of which are heart-shaped. Naughty and nice, on the other hand, is the
neighborhood’s friendly sex store the sign outside says romance boutique. Inside
our sex toys, naughty lingerie and erotic videos. This being the upper West side,
it is only slightly tacky. Face Stockholm’s largest New York store offers a new look
at a reasonable price. A favorite with makeup artists and those in the know, it
offers an intoxicating array of all-natural beauty products, cosmetics and unique
and seductive colors as well as cool makeup bags. And for looking good when you
work out, the members only Reebok sports club, New York’s most prestigious jam,
carries requisite sweats and cycle shorts at the in-house store.
Zabars is a New York legend and with good reason. This marvelous deli has been
supplying locals with bagels, freshly ground coffee and cold cuts since 1943.
Upstairs kitchen supply store is a superb resource for culinary equipment. Fairways
is another upper Westside deli that while its duties, and is open 24 hours
one offs
the question most often asked at Maxilla & mandible is are they real? They were
first to the human bones for sale at this extraordinary place, and the answer is
yes. If dem bones aren’t your thing, the store also has fascinating fossils, sea
shells, bugs, butterflies and other natural history related phenomena.
Eating and drinking
restaurants and cafés
until recently the upper West side was disparaged for its scarcity of fine or trendy
establishments, but that is rapidly changing. Jean georges vongerictens signature
showplace, Jean georges astonishes pallets with new French flavor combinations and
is managed a silent upper West side restaurant skeptics. The tasteful, subdued
dining room has an air of privilege, with skyhigh prices to match. Nougatine, it’s
adjacent café, is slightly more affordable. The time-honored Café des artistes
cleaves to classic French cuisine in a formal, old world setting lush with flowers
and paintings of frolicking nudes, it’s a romantic sight to behold. Most modest
budgets are accommodated at pampa, a lively South American spots out of that
satisfies from start to finish. Steaks, spit roasted chicken and fish are all made
with gusto. Rain is also a fun place for spicy and Earl Maddock tied Vietnamese
dishes. Golden hues, exposed brick in tropical plants of local colonial field.
Alternatively, pan Latino flavors are featured at Calle ocho, a magically designed
place, with warm colors, where chef Alex Garcia packs a punch with shrimp chowder
and Cuban steak with, yuca fries. At any time of day, Avenue, a French country
charmer with brick walls and dark wooden tables, delivers quality food at moderate
prices, including a cornucopia of Galicia spake goods, Josie’s, an attractive, earth
friendly hang out, is the place to be after dusk. Do your body a favor and feast on
the muriatic fresh juices, free range meats and innovative begin choices. Or do the
opposite and grab some cholesterol from Artie’s New York delicatessen. That this
Jewish style deli is new for its breed, but attracts all sorts of New Yorkers with
its fine pastrami and garlicky frankfurters. Adult couple of the deli that’s been
around forever and feel straight out of Seinfeld Barneys green grass is a veritable
Jewish general store. It’s few tables are completely packed for weekend brunch is,
so stop in during the week for bagels, pickled herring and knishes. Meanwhile the
pretty, European-style Café Lalo is an ideal date place, which is a full coffee and
liquor menu as well as light salads and sandwiches make sure you save room for
their luscious desserts.