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The Wildcats: Arizona’s Favourite Basketball Team

by Tucson

The Wildcats basketball team wasn’t very hyped going into the 2010/2011 season, as the program had been on a downswing compared to some of the late Lute Olson years. But the team did have Derek Williams, a much heralded freshman that fell through cracks of a UCLA, USC, or a Stanford recruiting machine. Williams entered his first campaign with his young fellow teammates, unseeded, and coached by Sean Miller. The team had a surprisingly good regular season, and gelled just at the right time; as they went on to win the Pac-10 tournament.

The big dance, also known as the NCAA tournament, started with many upsets, so not many saw it coming when Arizona first gutted out a two point victory over Memphis, and then a nail biting last second play-type game versus Texas. The Memphis game was simply a hard fought game by two good teams, with Arizona getting good, lucky, and all of the above; but against Texas, they truly got lucky, and then took advantage when the game and Tucson hookups was up for grabs.

Texas guard Cory Joseph had the ball under his own basket with less than a minute play and the lead by two, when he took at least four second to inbound the ball. The referee promptly blew the whistle and called a five second violation; Texas turned the ball over to Arizona in a completely unnecessary fashion which Texas fans, a Tucson hookup, and the coaching staff argued was a terrible call. Derek Williams then went on to make a fabulous final play, where he got fouled and converted the basket for the three point play, making it so that even if the official indeed made a bad call, there was still a play to be made either way for the victory. Well Derek made it, and it was the type of play that had scouts and Tucson hookup agencies improve his stock from a top three pick to a consensus number one selection.

As expected, the silky power forward went to the hookups and then the draft and went first overall. There was much discussion around Phoenix and Tucson regarding whether he was best served to stay one more year, but whenever a player goes number one overall, it’s hard to argue with his decision. Critics point to his unpolished perimeter game that he’ll need at the next level of Southern Arizona hookups in order to beat big league defence. Given that Williams is undersized, he’ll need some form of an outside game, or an eighteen to twenty foot jumper just to keep defenders honest

No doubt it is great loss for Arizona hookups and Wildcats, but there are some positives that remain, and reasonable hope that the Cats can still make the big dance in March. Guard Kyle Fogg impressed Tucson hookup girls and adult women with strong back court play, worthy of the professional circuit. The coaching staff also recruited four and a half star player Nick Johnson, out of Findlay Prep High School.

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