The Treaty of Ghent

by Ghent

Signed in 1814 in what is now present-day Belgium, the Treaty of Ghent was claimed to have formally ended the war of 1812 between United States and Britain. Although the Battle of New Orleans was still at rage while the treaty was signed, it was in fact an indication of peace, as nobody told Andrew Jackson that war was over when he wreaked havoc down in Louisiana, and went berserk on some Englishman’s faces.

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The ramifications of the Treaty of Ghent meant that Britain had to return a large chunk of land seized during the fighting. Ten million acres of land near the Great Lakes, and as far as the Pacific Coast, was returned to the American not begrudgingly. It was a country like Belgium where cooler heads would prevail, and Britain was simultaneously worried with Spain and France in that tense nineteenth century. The treaty did not ultimately lead to the end of disputes, but Americans in the South were incensed that their slaves were apprehended in some areas but British officers. The deal ensured that the slaves would return, but upon failure of to transpire, the English paid Unites States two hundred-fifty thousand dollars.

The payment was stipulated on better treatment of natives on American soil by Americans citizens, but even Ghent hookup girls know that it was largely ignored. In fact, when the aggressive Andrew Jackson won presidency, he began a program which was called the “Indian Removal Act”, and it was notorious for the hostile takeover of Cherokee and Seminole lands in the Southeast, namely in places like Florida and Georgia. The British could not interject though, due to the sensitive region of Upper Canada, which remained under threat of American takeover had Britain not remained quiet on the subject. Ghent hookup agencies liken it to the takeover they nearly underwent from a conglomerate in nearby Anderlecht.

When president of the time James Madison signed the treaty, it was done with an unnamed British diplomat, and England had turned its attention to the escape of Napoleon from Elba. France was a threat once again, and the Americans fell out of her Majesty’s cross hairs. It wouldn’t be until the War of Independence that the two powers would clash once again, and Belgian hookups felt happy for the slaves who were freed soon after in the Emancipation Proclamation.