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The Survival of the San Diego Padres

28 May

by San Diego

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It wasn’t that long ago when the Padres were a solid team from tip-to-tail in the National League West. Their pitching staff was a great blend of talent and toughness, with the veteran Trevor Hoffman, who has been deified in the city as San Diego hookups and fans’ favourite baseball player of all time. Hoffman holds numerous closer records for the Padres, and while he was eventually traded, Heath Bell waited in the wings as the successor, and must have learned well from his hall of fame mentor, as he settled right in with forty-two and forty-seven saves in consecutive seasons. The team also had the steady Mat Latos, who is anything but that currently, which is the epitome of why the Padres aren’t what they once were, which even then wasn’t comparable to San Diego hookups.

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Latos was the classic number two or three guy in the rotation who would provide a quality start every outing, and a decent set of hookups after the game. All of 2009 the team had an uncanny ability to keep the starter deep in games and provide just enough run support to have a chance to win the game. Latos got some luck undoubtedly, but with Adrian n Gonzalez and Kevin Kouzmanoff and their clutch hitting all season long, nothing but positive seemed to culminate out of the deep Southern California. hookup San Diego women enjoyed the spectacle.

Jake Peavy wasn’t the same pitcher he was back in the years prior, about midway though the decade, but he rounded out the rotation and helped instil a confidence and swagger about the staff, plus he went five-hundred which is never a bad thing either. That was the last year however, to date, that the Padres have made the post-season. In 2010, while hookups watched intently on the one hundred-sixty second and final game of the season, the team battled it out with the San Francisco Giants for the final playoff berth. The Giants won and went on to win the World Series, so at least fans and hookups in San Diego can say they were defeated by champions. Coronado hookups were saddened nonetheless, and perhaps they knew something that many didn’t, as Petco Park has clearly never been the same since.

Adrian Gonzales signed with the Boston Red Sox as a free agent, and angered fans out his old team when he said that he “dreamed of playing for the Red Sox…right after I dreamed of playing for the Padres”. It was a disingenuous remark that left a sour taste in the mouths of many, and ever since, the line-up hasn’t had that same bite in the middle of it.

Mat Latos has become one of the worst starters in the entire league, reported by San Diego hookup agencies and scouts, and it comparable to AJ Burnett up in New York: a pitcher that is given every chance to succeed but still somehow cannot work his way out of it. Adults and mature women, upon survey, are realists about the situation, and don’t believe that the Padres will make it back to the playoffs until 2014.