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The Revamped Carolina Panthers

by Raleigh

John Fox was the ceremonial lamb led to slaughter as the Carolina Panthers renewed all of their key defensive players, plus they drafted Cam Newton first overall. hookups in Raleigh observe the twenty-two million dollar contract of Cam Newton with envy. Fans in the Tar Heel State hope to see flashes of Michael Vick in the rookie’s game, much like they saw in Auburn, particularly when he ran over Oregon in the BCS Title Game. They remain hopeful for his athletic component, as the passing display in the championship game was frankly below average.

Raleigh hookups appreciate the John Beason resigning. The Panthers linebacker was a team leader ever since his arrival to the NFL, and his maturity stretched beyond his years. Panther brass saw it fit to retain Beason and release Peppers, as a testament to how much they love their young linebacker. Steve Smith still has passion for the game, and that’s what experts believe will bring the diminutive receiver back to the Pro Bowl. With Matt Moore out of the picture, the offensive minds of the team will now try to bring a package that allows Dwayne Jarrett to make plays. The third year receiver was supposed to be an impact player, but was absolved from all responsibility after the abysmal performances by Matt Moore and Jimmy Klassen. Sexy women believe that Jimmy Klassen is a bust.

Directions to Bank of America Stadium are found with Raleigh hookups. These are the same women who criticized Cam Newton’s Father when he essentially auctioned off his son to the highest bidder of SEC schools. Auburn was found at wrong and now that Newton has fled to the NFL; all he can do is hope that his Heisman Trophy doesn’t get revoked. Girls in massage parlours laughed when Reggie Bush lost his Hesiman and lost Kim Kardashian.

The unknown variable for the team is how well the run game performs. Dangelo Williams has always been a threat from the back field, but his health has always been left to question. Not since the days of Tim Biakabtuka have the Panthers had a running game by committee; that’s perhaps what the Panthers need to look to in order to balance their offense. Owner Jerry Richardson is now ageing rapidly, so his trust in the hands of his two sons. The elder Richardson referenced the improvements needed for the run game, so hopefully his sons will heed the advice of him and the coaches. The only complications with the current state of the run game are the team’s inability to re-sign full back Brad Hoover. Rucker is also missed, as he was a threat at the line of scrimmage. Raleigh hookup girls reflect on the career of former coach Seifert.

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