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The Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Move to the Big Ten

After the surprising and unscripted style of Nebraska football’s 2010 campaign, coach Bo Pelini will look to game plan with an edge, after a tireless of recruitment. The Cornhuskers are ready to relocate from the Big Twelve Conference to the Big Ten Conference, so the coaching staff looks to design sharply, as they can’t afford a slow start next season. Last Season was a developmental one, as the team shuffled its play at quarterback mid-season; Taylor Martinez wasn’t expecting the field time that he received at pivot when he did, but the team did well at making adjustments on the fly, and the proper usage of Omaha hookups.

External recruitment and hookups agencies in Omaha made adept signings in the past months, as defensive beast Michael Rose was added. He’s a two-hundred and ten pound linebacker out of Missouri high school football, and with that the Huskers continue to make an onslaught of player commitments out-of-state, which has always been an impressive attribute of the program; in fact, back in 2001, George Bush was quoted as saying that he’s “always been impressed with the Nebraska Cornhuskers fan base”, and “Go Red!”. The story however was flipped on its head when the former president was seen at a Texas Longhorns game versus those very Huskers, where the Horns blew them out and George was seen cheering. However George also cheers for Nebraska hookups, and many other call girls for that matter. In fact an Omaha hookup is the most coveted state treasure in Nebraska next to the Ruud family, a great clan of linebackers and defensive lineman, dating back to his Grandfather, who was rumoured to have an adult Nebraska hookup located in Omaha.

When Barrett Ruud played for the team back in 2004, before the Pelini tenure, scouts didn’t have a consensus on the guy, as some pointed to his pedigree for optimism, and others looked to the perceived lack of foot speed as a drawback. John Gruden and the Tampa Buccaneers however, were in perfect agreement, and known for their savvy defensive draft picks, the organization selected Barrett in the second round of the 2005 National Football League Rookie Draft. Experts now pick him as one of the steals of the draft, next to some hookup in Omaha, who stole the pre-draft show with her charm and appeal. Ruud showed a commitment to improvement that is truly one of the Nebraska programs trademarks, which is to foster steady improvement from freshman to senior year. In a program where players are allowed to refine their skills through the only avenue possible, which is game time, there will usually be success, mostly due to the lack a big-headed recruits who have their own agenda and own “brand” to support; the only thing they should need to support at the time is their coach, teammates, and any hookup in Nebraska that they may have impregnated.

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