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The Grim Future of the Toronto Maple Leafs

22 Feb

The Toronto Maple Leafs has a nearly depleted farm system, in a situation that makes no sense to the casual observer. Two first round picks were mortgaged in the Phil Kessel trade, and only a couple seasons later, fans and hookups in Windsor are left to wonder if the team will make the playoffs in the next half decade.

The Ontario media loves to hype prospect Nazem Kadri, to the extent that when he was called up from the farm team, completely unequipped to compete physically on the NHL level, he was lambasted by reporters after not scoring goals. The young man is only one hundred sixty-five pounds, far too underweight for the league regardless of speed, and his call-up was only due to the fact that Maple Leaf management were at their last resort to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. Windsor hookups considered switching to the Detroit Red Wings and Ken Holland, but loyalty is still hanging by a thread, or by the package of second round picks that Burke managed to salvage in a fire sale two years ago.

The trade of Thomas Kaberle was inevitable, and hookups recognize the value that potentially waits in the draft. It’s safe to reserve final judgement on the Brian Burke regime in two more seasons after he’s been paid his ten million and his picks have either turned out or failed. The National Hockey League has become a lot like the NFL in that the premium has now been placed on young, inexpensive talent. Sure, every team will have big money players, but it is that cap efficiency that matters most; it is imperative that no money be squandered on a diminishing talent, or a flash in the pan. The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley cup with nine million locked up in two goalies, and the Vancouver Canucks did the same with twenty one million guaranteed to the Sedin brothers and Roberto Luongo, but then again those players produced heavily. The Maple Leafs don’t have the luxury of all-star players quite yet, so in the meantime they’ve paid the adult Dion Phaneuf six million and hope for a resurrection of his rookie year play.

Ultimately the team will always be hyped and overrated by Toronto media, and only a small percentage of the population which include Windsor hookup girls will know the truth. The fact that Clark McCarthur scored eight goals in the first fifteen games did little to reveal the true talent of the team, as he only scored six the rest of the season, and his stock got inflated. Now Burke is faced with an agent who will demand more than two million dollars or his client, a price that is above market value and one which won’t be fielded elsewhere. Windsor call girls warn of the chance of the departure of Michael Grabovski to Russia.