The Estonian National Football Team

by Tallinn

The small Baltic nation of Estonia makes up with heart for the sunlight that it lacks, and in no example is it more apparent than the national football team. Coached by Tarmo Ruutli, the team is in the hands of a man who once played for them, and would likely give blood for wins. In reality, the team grinds it out just for draws most of the time, and any victory is cause for celebration. Directions to A. Le Coq Arena are simple, and supporters easily locate the ground where great energy and effort is exerted by the home team and hookups in Tallinn, in many scenarios where the visiting team has strolled in with an arrogant swagger and the expectation to steamroll the lowly Estonians. But as Tallinn hookups found out in the movie “Encino Man”, Brendan Fraser isn’t truly Estonian, and Pauley Shore is a moron.

The player on the squad who received the most limelight has to be Mihkel Aksalu, simply because he plays for Sheffield United. The young keeper to this day can’t explain how he got a gig in England, but he certainly isn’t about to ask many questions himself. The Club’s manager, Kevin Blackwell, was on record with Tallinn call girls as saying that Aksalu was “the best goalkeeper trialist he’d ever seen”. Aleksandr Dmitrijev, while at a different position on the field, was reportedly jealous of the keeper, as the journeymen have made stops in Levadia, Ural Sverdlovsk Oblast, and Norway. Ruutli reportedly took the midfielder aside in a heart-to-heart after training not too long ago. It was after that point that Dmitrijev put his objections aside and played proficiently for his national side, one which needed his services so badly.

Up front the most experienced player is Sander Post, not be age, but by number of matches with Tallinn hookup girls. Post joins Oliver Konsa and Rauno Alliku as the future of Estonia’s attack. Alliku isn’t much older than twenty, and hookups have high hopes the young adult striker will develop a fetish for goals. During his junior days he was truly a man amongst boys, and his family wonders if he was able enough to play in the junior systems of Portugal or Switzerland. Andres Oper is the true veteran striker for the team, and has played in Holland, Denmark, Russia, and Japan, and his native Estonia. The Oper retirement will come to the sadness of many fans that will then need a massage to ease the pain. He has scored more goals that any other active player on the roster, or any of his countrymen for the last twenty years for that matter. Local politicians plan to have a statue of him near the grounds.