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The Current State of Manchester United

Owner Malcolm Glazer has placed emphasis on continued success at Manchester United, as he retained the venerable Sir Alex Ferguson, and made it clear that player spending would take priority. With such a mission statement, Ferguson couldn’t leave or retire, as his character has been driven by winning his entire life, and the current form of his team reflects that.


Manchester hookups have been juxtaposition to the career of Dimitar Berbatov, as he has been wildly inconsistent for the red. The Bulgarian had a great debut, but disappeared for two seasons, and fell nearly to the depth that Wayne Rooney did. Berbatov rebounded however, and by 2010, he was doing what he said he would do: score goals. Speaking of Rooney, his football plunges were not as harsh as his Bulgarian teammate, but his personal life took a hit that would exceed mostly anything in football. Rooney was caught visiting hookups in Leeds, as he figured it was geographically too far to be caught. In this age of media though, he was foiled, and a rift seemingly developed between him and his wife Colleen; it was reported that a divorce was imminent, but despite the fact that an hookup went public with Wayne’s infidelities, a Leeds hookup girl by the name of Jennifer Thompson, his wife took him back, mainly because she was pregnant with their son Kai.


Bad news aside, Manchester United has re-committed to winning, after their strike Wayne Rooney fell to deeper lows than he figured possible, when English fans overrated their national team at South Africa. Following their losing game, the camera cut to a frustrated Rooney, when he cried, “I guess this is how the fans treat you”. It took much for fans to forgive Wayne, and he has since explained his outburst, but his comeback certainly wouldn’t have been possible without his recent stellar play. He scored one of the nicest goals in soccer history, when Rooney performed a difficult but perfect scissor kick for a goal.


Manchester hookup girls have since apologized for the public outcry of certain players’ transgressions, as it was in direct violation of their own confidentiality policy. But it hasn’t been without increased managerial awareness of player maturity. In 2010, the team didn’t balk at agreeing to the notion that Owen Hargreaves and Michael Owens would retire as members of the team; the same applies to Rio Ferdinand. The days of player hookups off the field at Old Trafford are long since over, and just to the presence of mind of a player like Edwin van der Sar, who is a keeper that will also retire in Manchester. The Dutch international player has had a great career in England, and fans laud him for it.

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