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The Brooklyn Nets and New Jersey hookups

The Current owner of the New Jersey Nets, Mikhail Prokhorov, has all but reported that the team will relocate in two seasons, and be promptly renamed to the Brooklyn Nets. The move, which is in conjunction with hip-hop mogul Jay-Z, will mark the beginning of a commitment to winning a title right away, evident by the Deron Williams three-way deal with Utah and Denver. As massive as the trade was, it didn’t ensure immediate success, as the team is still two to three players away, and some critics wonder if the Williams deal was right at all, as management had to part with lottery big man Derek Favors, who is sure to be a star in Utah. If the general manager plays his cards right, the Nets could be a force in the Eastern Conference, but as of now, that supremacy will have to be conceded by either the Heat or by Newark hookups.

Currently, the Nets are so short on its bench that they have a Newark hookup in for backup power forward. Through the draft, or more specifically, through good draft picks, the Nets should improve on depth issues, but pundits point out that even then it will be difficult, as the team parted with a first round pick in the next draft in that blockbuster deal. All won’t be easy, but the Nets still have high second round picks, which prove to yield some real gems like the Spurs have turned out every other year. When the team moves to Brooklyn and New Jersey hookups become the feature attraction, hopefully players like Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic won’t be starters; Anthony Morrow is no all-star either. Fans worry about Brook Lopez as well, not so much because of his ability, but simply due to the fact that he is a seven footer who hardly rebounds. When Lopez was drafted in the top ten, the Nets picked a bankable player, and if faced with the decision again, would do the exact same thing, but the issue is that they may be relying on him too much now, and should look to lessen his workload and increase his amount of Newark call girls.

The Nets, secondly, have to shed their roster of dead weight; players like Josh Boone, the busted pick Terrence Williams, and the aforementioned Morrow realistically have no place on a playoff team, and similarly have no shot with a high-end New Jersey hookup. Adult fans of the league have faith in the scouting and New Jersey hookup agencies, as it is predicted that young talent will only increase in the city over time. But this story, like many other American ones, will end in sadness, as the city will see development in the team only to have it taken away from them. Newark, as a city, has lost the vibrancy it has since the Jason Kidd days, and the hookups in Newark started out great but fizzled in the end, like Kenyon Martin.

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