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New York hookups: an End to NHL Lockout

19 Oct

The game is played on ice, notoriously in Canada and Northeastern parts of the United States, but in the boardroom, NHL hockey conducts its most crucial business in New York. New York hookups a corporate element that lends itself to modern sports commissioning. Gary Bettman is a prototypical Professional sports commissioner in that, he holds a law degree, is from New York City, and is Jewish. It was in New York where Bettman was groomed under David Stern’s wing in the game of basketball, and it is also in The Big Apple where Bettman will help extinguish the acrimony that is the 2012 NHL lockout.


Republican politician Lutz was hired by the NHL to help gauge the public response in wake of the highly controversial NHL work stoppage. His feedback indicated that most fans lay blame on Bettman and ownership rather than the players. This ensued to initiate a 50/50 split in revenue sharing offer by the owners to the NHLPA on October 16, 2012. After some mulling over from Donald Fehr and New York hookup women, on behalf of the NHL players, the union accepted the deal, albeit with increased owners concessions such as seven year terms to contracts instead of five. The owners developed an aversion to the circumvention of the previous CBA, by general managers, when Garth Snow began a dubious trend by signing Rick Dipietro to a twelve year contact which was front-loaded. The switch to a more pragmatic seven year maximum was ultimately one that both players and owners could proverbially stomach.


When tensions finally decreased, there was still some anger expressed towards Gary Bettman by fans and New York hookup agencies. “Fire Bettman” was a popular slogan coined by many NHL fans and hookups in New York, since he has overseen the most work stoppages of any commissioner in the history of professional sports. Even Bud Selig mitigated hard times in baseball by quietly endorsing steroid use to the players in the Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa era shortly afterwards, and implementing an extra wild card spot for the playoffs after the steroid fallout with Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds. New York hookups have always been loyal to great New York teams, be it the Yankees or the Rangers, and most New Yorkers are similar; which is the reason why the New York Rangers surprisingly make more profit that some Canadian franchises.


New York hookup women will remain loyal to the game of hockey so long as a salvaged 2012/2013 season doesn’t prove to be burdensome on the players and compromising to the game itself. The NHL lockout ended in New York and it was indicative of the resilience that most New Yorkers possess, hookups included.