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Meet Beautiful hookups in Medellin, Colombia

27 Mar

Beautiful hookups in Medellin

One of Colombia’s largest city, Medellin, is famous for having great year around weather… and some of the hottest women in the world. The imagine of Colombia has continually improved over the years as tourist have come for a vacation and enjoyed all the city has to offer. Medellin is known as the “city of eternal spring” with year around weather that fluctuates about 10 degrees.

Beautiful hookups in Medellin

One of the best ways to enjoy the city is to have an hookup in Medellin take you around the city, and then after can show you some of the nightlife. With the cost of living in Colombia much cheaper than other parts of the world, you can often spend the day with a beautiful model-quality woman for what it could cost you for 2 hours in other cities in Europe or the US.

With the fact that tourism is relatively new, speaking some basic Spanish would be advisable before you arrive. There are people who can speak English in Medellin, but they generally will not be waiters in restaurants. There are places perfect for tourist to explore such as Park Lleras. It is a great location where tourist generally go to eat or for some late night partying. In some cases you may find hookups in this area as well, but it isn’t advisable to get the this type of services from someone in the street. There can be misunderstanding about time and price and you will not want to have that type of problem with your hookup, known here as “prepago.” It is much more advisable to use the services of a professional company. In the nicer upscale hotels that employ better qualified staff you will find bi-lingual employees. The same can be said for your higher end hookup agencies in the city, they will generally have beautiful girls for you to enjoy and some of them will have basic English skills.

One main point of interest for you while you are in Medellin would be to visit the metro cable cars. Unlike many cities worldwide, the poorer people live up on the sides of mountains and have some of the best views of the city from their homes. Generally the wealthier people live in the valley of the city which is closer to main interstates. The government built cable cars for two reason. Primarily they wanted to assist the poorer families to get up to their housing in an easier fashion than walking up the mountain side, which are extremely steep. The second reason was for tourist to enjoy; from the top of the metro cable you will have some of the best views of the city.

August and December are two of the best months to visit Medellin. In August, they host the famous Flower Festival. This is an event where you can see everything from classic cars one day, to a parade of horses or a parade floats hand crafted from flowers. December is another great month for the lights that are put up throughout the city. The city spends months preparing and designing the lights that are put up in the main 3 neighborhoods of the city for everyone to come and see for free. At the completion of the year when the lights are taken down the plans and lights are sold generally to other European countries for their use there.

So if you like beautiful women, great weather and some of the genuinely warmest friendliest people in the world you will love your time in here.