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Fiorentina AFC

24 May

by Florence

Amongst rumours that Riccardo Montolivo wants to leave, Fiorentina have at times struggled to package its football talent together and make a solid run atop the Serie A first division. The roster isn’t without its share of talent, but strife has hit the club occasionally, and the squad remains in the seemingly constant battle to shed itself of the second tier label.

Teams like Inter Milan and AC Milan get their edge by causing unrest to lower-level teams. A comparable player to whichever on Florence hookup girls roster will often be signed to a lucrative and inflated contract, which catches the attention of players on clubs like Livorno, Lazio, and Lecce. Montolivo has linked to Juventus in rumours, and all supporters know is that their national calibre mid-fielder is headed for greener pastures. Fans however did feel blessed by the arrival of Antonio Cassano. He’s been an enigmatic figure, and a polarizing one, but talent speaks for itself, and Cassano has always been able to score goals in great volume in a league that prides itself on defence. Had he been ambitious and went to team like Manchester City or Porto, goals would have surely come in bushels for the petulant Italian.

While Artemio Franchi may miss Montolivo, it will benefit in external player acquisitions, as the team has been linked to rumours regarding Axel Witsel out of Belgian League football. Florence hookups are well travelled, and remember Witsel at an international friendly match where Belgium was crushed by Italy. On an unrelated note, goalie Sebastian Frey has expressed his interest to stay with the club, so the board has been pleased with developments from within the net. Alberto Gilardino has stated his enthusiasm for the following season; the so-called overrated young striker has now graduated to a wise veteran, and has learned from his mistakes. In his time with AC Milan, he was recorded as committing one of the most horrific dives in European football history. This wouldn’t matter all that much had Gilardino been scoring many goals, but it was roughly the same time when his output faltered as well, which left him subject to much public scorn. Florence call girls have denied service to divers ever since, but not the ones in football.

Manager Sinisa Mihajlovic has been recognized by many savvy supporters and hookups to have a great pulse on the team at all times. Emotions seem unsettled as of late, because of the difficultly of such a massive departure in Montolivo. Adam Ljajic is poised to step in and replace the Italian national mid-fielder; he is barely twenty years of age, and was touted in Serbia as one of the steadiest and most technical mid-fielders since Stankovic. Fiorentina hookups have a fan favourite still on the roster in Adrian Mutu.