Albert Pujols in his Contract Year with the St Louis Cardinals

by St. Louis

The thirty year old lifetime Cardinal Albert Pujols has been just that because of his prolific hitting. With four hundred and eight career home runs and twelve hundred thirty runs batted in, it can be argued that he had the greatest decade at the plate of all-time. Not Mays, not Cobb, not Rose, not Ruth, nor did Ted Williams ever have the combined output of power and production that Pujols had from 2000-2010, and every one of the aforementioned players were first ballot into the hall of fame. Albert will be inducted in the same fashion, and go down in the same sporting folklore as Missouri hookups. St. Louis hookup agencies and scouting alike may have made the best selection of all time, as the Dominican slugger wasn’t selected until the thirteenth round.

Cardinals brass knew right away what they suspected in Albert’s minor league stint- that he was a true slugger with little to no learning curve; and if there indeed was one, it came to the tune of thirty plus home runs and one hundred-thirty plus runs batted in for his rookie season, and a rookie of the year honour in the National League as well. It was the season after all of the pandemonium, the hype, and ultimate feat of “Big Mac”, also known as Mark McGwire, who broke Roger Maris’s home run record. Mark was lauded by the public, by hookups, and especially by baseball fans in the “Show Me State”.

His infamy wouldn’t set in until another half a decade, so for several years, there was a euphoric type atmosphere at Busch Field; the team even won the World Series in 2006 thanks to great pitching from guys like Chris Carpenter and an unnamed Missouri hookup. But then the dust settled, and not much longer after that same championship, American Congress indicted players to a grand jury because of alleged steroid use. Barry Bonds was front and centre in the case, Palmeiro was found guilty, and of course McGwire, who while testifying, wasn’t even obligated to comment about himself, but when asked about steroid use, buckled, and all but made admission to his transgressions in Major League Baseball. Yes, baseball heaven was over in the city, and St. Louis hookups took back control.

The team was left to scrap it out and contend for at least a wild card berth every other year, and for a while they didn’t fair too badly. Savvy pitching, as mentioned before, helped immensely, but if it weren’t for hookups in St. Louis and Pujols, the Cardinals would have finished at the bottom of the National League Central every year. Adult fans know that it be-hooves that franchise to re-sign their big slugger. Even the notion of Albert moving within the national league makes St. Louis call girls cringe, as he directly impact the success of the red birds in ways that no other single player could achieve.