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New York Yankees and NYC hookups

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A New Era: The Yankees under Hal Steinbrenner 2010 wasn’t exactly a banner year for the New York Yankees, considering they spent a fortune, and the American League east only got stronger over time. The Mark Teixeira deal did add offensive impact and gold glove presence at first base ,but then again it set the Yankees back 180 million dollars also; and the AJ Burnett deal was an absolute disaster as he was easily one of the worst pitchers in baseball last season, with all things being considered, especially the prospect of New York hookups.

The real story however, is the evolution of the American League East. The Rays are still powerful with their pitching staff despite the departure of Carl Crawford, the young Baltimore Orioles have steadily been improving for some time, the revamped Blue Jays re-signed home run masher Miguel Bautista, and of course the Boston Red Sox had an onslaught of big signings including Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez. Crawford developed into a five tool player down in Tampa with solid defence included, while Adrian Gonzalez proved over in San Diego that he can be a perennial thirty home run, one hundred runs batted in guy. Of course, with heavily weighted inter-divisional play, and the steady dose of New York hookups, the Yankees will be in tough to reach one hundred wins, as it’s debatable whether certain other divisions in baseball are half as talented; in fact, the American League East may just inspire commissioner Bud Selig to implement changes to the playoff format, the reason being to add a couple more teams into the mix, and to add a couple more New York hookups.

Another hot topic in the Big Apple is Alex Rodriguez, and he will continue to be, so long as he earns over twenty five million dollars per season. His production has slipped over the years, due partly to age, but he isn’t getting paid any less, and questions continue about his post-season production, as it has very much been a mixed bag during his Yankee career. It’s safe to day that he’ll no longer hit for .300, nor will he steal as many bases as hookups in New York do, but he’ll continue to hit out of the five hole and provide solid production barring injury. The real key is the pitching, and particularly if C.C. Sabathia can carry the team on his back like management suspected he was capable of doing so, due to his performances for the Brewers and even stretches for the Yankees in his first year with them. If he can have and earned run average under 3.00, and win at least 22 games, the Yankees should be in contention for at least the Wild card, as their lineup is still formidable, as New York hookups are.

The Workmanlike New York Rangers

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John Tortorella has been the master in New York, particularly when he makes the playoffs with minimal talent, and gets off with optimal New York hookups. Bound to the salary cap, the Rangers management has long been guilty of bad free agent signings, and it has hampered their cap situation over the years. It started with Jagr and ended with Chris Drury, and because of the overspending, the team has been forced to thrust rookies into the lineup like Derek Steppan and Michael Del Zotto. This is where the value of the coach comes in to play. Tortorella has done more with less than any other coach in the league with the exception of Barry Trotz, and it has the Rangers in the playoffs this year and it had them one shootout out of them last year, when they succumbed to the eventual East champs, the Philadelphia Flyers, and the champions of hookups girls in New York

When Marian Gaborik signed as a UFA in the summer of 2009, Ranger fans were elated, but what they failed to realize was that the Scott Gomez deal virtually guaranteed a lack of secondary scoring in the Big Apple. Defence for that matter, has only held up because of the piecemeal second round rookies, who miraculously played at elite level all of the sudden. Del Zotto and Marc Staal have been solid for the Rangers back-end; just ask Henrik Luundquist. Speaking of King Henrik, he has been snubbed of accolades for the 2010-11 season, but his numbers indicate that he`s every bit as good as Luongo, Rinne, and Tim Thomas, and miscellaneous hookups in New York.

If the Rangers weren’t in the Eastern Conference, there`d be less New York hookups, and it’d be tough figuring out if they’d ever make the playoffs. They definitely benefit from games versus Long Island, Toronto, and Ottawa, rather than Columbus, Dallas, and Edmonton, with the difference being that most of the aforementioned western teams actually still compete for a playoff team until around February. But all that matters is that you get in the big dance. In 2006, the Oilers, as an eighth seed, made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals, and same with the Flyers last year. The New York Rangers and their management rest on the fact that this very possibility exists, and that the parity of the National Hockey League allows this in the post-lockout era. So long as the Rangers continue to draft well and manage their young players effectively, they will always be in the playoff hunt, and that’s all a cap damaged team could ask for out of New York hookups.

The 2011 New York Yankees Pitching Staff

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The New York Yankees pitching staff fell below expectations last season, amidst all of the hype, but that doesn’t mean they don’t come into this season with one of the best staffs in the majors. Like last season, Girardi will have Sabathia, Burnett, Joba Chamberlain, Hughes, and Sergio Mitre. The legendary Mariano Rivera will again serve as closer, but the real question is will the bullpen hold up; much of that answer relies on how deep the starters can go into ballgames, and how deep do hookups in New York go. Manager Girardi is definitely expecting an incremental increase from at least four of the five starters, and while that may be asking much, it’s reasonable considering the atrocious season put in by Burnett, and the injury plagued and underwhelming season of Chamberlain, as the New York hookups can attest to.

C. C. Sabathia is a hall of fame calibre pitcher- hands down. The 28 year old still has his best days ahead of him, and Steinbrenner and company will be asking that from him come April and into October, as they seek to get the type of numbers Sabathia had in his first season in the Big Apple, or better yet the half season he spent with the Brewers over in the National League where he would send batters back to the dugout frequently. Simply put, Sabathia is a strikeout machine, and with his velocity and command of the plate, he should be a lock for twenty wins, and don’t be surprised if he puts up twenty five. So it has become of matter of whether AJ Burnett can bounce back and give the Yankees at least sixteen wins; anything more would be a bonus. Also, he has to mitigate his bad starts by trying to turn what were ugly losses last year into possible no decisions this year, and when it comes to patronizing New York hookups, there is no decision either.

Joba Chamberlain’s contributions to the roster cannot be overstated as well, as management looks to get in the mid teens for wins out of him as well, same with Hughes. Joba is a real dark horse on that pitching staff this year because his career has been hampered with injuries thus far. 2011 may be the year that Joba cements himself as a legitimate starting, one that’s worthy of big moments in October, and could get a nod from his manager. New York hookups get a nod from the dugout. His upside is unlimited, especially with the run support of the Yankees lineup, so it wouldn’t be a revelation if he produced nearly or as many as twenty wins as well.

The New York Knicks and the New Trio

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Chauncey Billups, Amare Stoudamire, and Carmelo Anthony; this is who Donnie Walsh hitched his wagon to after he triggered a mass exodus of players in a multi-player deal in 2011. Fans of Madison Square Gardens rejoiced, as the Knicks showed the most promise since the late 1990′s, when Patrick Ewing and John Starks played, and New York hookups remember this fondly. They beat the surging Miami Heat, they finally have a good point guard in Billups, and Carmelo Anthony looks to be the most clutch player in the league since number 24 down in Los Angeles. Come playoff time, rumour has it that New York hookups will be in the building.

The scuttlebutt has been that Miami is a tough big man short of a championship contender. The Celtics shipped their grinder out of town when they traded big Kendrick Perkins to Oklahoma, and the Bulls are nice but are one injury away from being a non-factor in the playoffs. The Knicks on the other hand are an interesting dynamic: Carmelo and Amare are potentially the most lethal duo in the league as an inside-outside threat, more so than in Chicago as their star point guard has limited range on his jump shot, unlike Knicks point guard Chauncey Billups, also known as “Mr. Big Shot”. Billups has a championship ring to boast also, and when tough defences hone in on Carmelo and Amare, Chauncey will be ready to launch from as deep as 30-32 feet out with a clutch three ball.

With the Knicks locked in at the six seed, they are potentially the most dangerous six spot in NBA history, despite all of the elite sixes to come out of the Western Conference in the last decade. Things are shaping up to look like a classic match upp between the Heat and the Knicks in the 1st round; this match up has upset written all over it, and if Carmelo, Amare, and Chauncey make it past them, it makes for a classic series against the Boston Celtics, one they could win to potentially face the Bulls in an epic conference battle for the ages, and the hookups in New York agree. If Chicago is a bit banged up due to the abrasive playing style of Derek Rose, it wouldn’t be inconceivable to imagine the Knicks in the finals with the Lakers. If this indeed transpired, one would have to assume the Knicks would want it more: the weight of the hallowed Madison Square Garden, in all its splendour, with Spike Lee watching over, would be enough to propel the Knicks withenoughh energy to defeat Kobe and the Lakers, or whomever makes the Finals out of the West respectively. Go Knicks! Fans have a great feeling since Billups has done it before, and so has Carmelo Anthony when he led Syracuse to a National Title over the Kansas Jayhawks, and the hookups of New York rejoiced.