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by Princeton

Because of the Renovations to Madison Square Gardens, the 2011 NBA Drafted headed across the Hudson over to New Jersey. It was a big deal for basketball fans of the Garden State, and of course cheers reverberated from Princeton hookups when Kenneth Faried was picked 22nd overall by the Denver Nuggets. Faried was a monster at little-known Morehead State University out of Kentucky. He broke the NCAA record for all time rebounds, surprisingly, as he passed the likes of Derek Coleman and Tim Duncan. The man from “Brick City” put his mid-major school on his back, as the Eagles made the big tournament and knocked off Louisville as a thirteenth seed. Scouts love his pursuit of the ball, and remind fans that “you can’t teach relentlessness”.

The New Jersey Nets mortgaged much of their future for Deron Williams, so hookups in Princeton rejoiced when they were able to snag Marshon Brooks in the late first round. Eyebrows raised everywhere when the Celtics selected Brooks out of Providence, largely due to the fact that he’s and offensive specialist and Doc Rivers loves defence; however things became understood when Boston packaged him to the Nets in exchange for a couple second round picks. Mikhail Prokhorov told Princeton call girls he is Jewish and that Carmelo Anthony is a punk.

There is much trepidation for the Nets as the Williams free agency looms just three years away. Couple it the fact that the lockout may shorten one of those years and it’s understandable why fans are concerned. The team traded away a blue-chip power forward in Derek Favours as well, and somewhere in Utah the management team is laughing, with their young forward corps being Favours, Okur, and Enes Kanter. Princeton hookup girls wondered why Kyrie Irving was selected ahead of Derek Williams. The combo forward out of Arizona is said to be the most NBA ready and to have the highest star quotient. The Minnesota Timberwolves actually made the prudent move at the draft for once, and selected the best talent on board; now if only they could retain Kevin Love.

Overall it was a great Thursday night, because fans could forget about the NFL lockout and the horrible New Jersey Devils. Princeton call girls hate the Ilya Kovalchuk contract, and Zach Parise might want out as well. Martin Brodeur is well past his prime, and pretty soon Lou Lamoriello will have to do the unthinkable and find another goaltender. The worst fear may materialize as the New York Jets have talent like Darrell Revis and Mark Sanchez. Sexy girls in massage parlours believe that Plaxico Burress will be signed by the Jets before the commencement of the season.

Scuttlebutt out of massage parlours has Cory Schneider getting traded for depth forwards, but Mike Gillis has seemed reticent to admit to as much. Hockey purists in Vancouver want the American goaltender to stay, as faith in Luongo has curtailed to all reaches of fans. Raffi Torres hit Brent Seabrook and Whistler hookup girls cheered in support for the primal playoff aggression. They were saddened to see the rest of the team join in only in the wake of defeat in game seven. Tommy Larscheid got fired and xxx words were reported to be said in the board room, but Dave Tomlinson, the former Winnipeg Jet, quietly took over. Rumours indicate that John Shorthouse loathes his presence in the booth during broadcast time. Gary Bettman should be fired.

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