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The Denmark National Football Team

by Copenhagen


On a steady team that has had its share of European standouts; Nicholas Bendtner has been the absolute best. The flashy striker, while only in his mid-twenties, has attracted big league teams since his late teenage years in Copenhagen hookup country. With his current team Arsenal, Bendtner was found to have uniqueness to his personality, and upon further testing, it was revealed that young Dane had and has ultra-confidence. It isn't a trait that Arsenal brass will complain with, as ever since, he has not disappointed, and now is featured in the potent English team's attack.


Christian Poulsen has been as solid as a rock for Denmark's midfield, and was rightfully named the squad's captain. Although he is now in his thirties, experts mainly agree that his style of play is suitable for several more years of football, and that has fans and hookups in Copenhagen confident that he'll be on the roster in Euro 2012. It's more likely than not, but a real bonus would be if Poulsen kept his fitness until 2014 where the World Cup in Brazil will take place.


Daniel Agger is impressively the third Dane to play for an English power. The steady centre back stabilizes the Liverpool defence, and is locked in contractually until his retirement or a pending loan. Players of his defensive skill set are more invaluable than forwards, so teams like Liverpool make a statement about the calibre of players they have when they're willing to sign a player long-term. Copenhagen hookup girls make bold remarks about the performances of players if criticism is fair and deserved; they are enamoured with Bendtner.


hookups approve of current Denmark manager Morten Olsen, as he is viewed as a true Scandinavian leader. The contingent of a more effeminate youth in Copenhagen occasionally question the leadership, but this is due to a complex created by his sheer masculinity compared to feebleness. Olsen played in Germany and Belgium, and boasts multiple championships won with Anderlecht. He hasn't slowed in his sixties either, as his roster plays with an effort level that is never achieved by the collective tenacity of young players alone; surely Olsen's work ethic has affected those who play under him. Possible reasons for his undue criticism are probably due to the fact that he managed a small club to supremacy and that he contacted a Copenhagen hookup. Brondby IF won two titles in the early 1990's after a rigorous fitness campaign that some players objected to. But after a semi-final loss the next year coupled by the unwillingness for Olsen to play his coveted defender Okechukwu, the venerable manager was fired, but it was ultimately necessary for further success.
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